Projects Completed

➢ Salvaging Project of MSC Chitra Vessel at Mumbai
➢ Underwater Videography and Hull Cleaning of MV Libra, Supreme Vision, MV
Ironman, MV Brahamputra, Ganga dolphin etc..
➢ Underwater inspection of bridge in Gujarat
➢ Salvage of Barge at Gujarat
➢ Inspection & Cleaning of Jacket Legs at Mumbai High
➢ NDT Inspection at Mumbai North Field on Jacket B
➢ Installation of riser and riser clamp at Mumbai High, Hazira & Kakinada Ports.
➢ Underwater Pipe Laying & Jacket Installation in Iran
➢ Underwater Cable Laying at Mumbai
➢ Maintenance of Jetty at Kandla, Gujarat    

➢ Renovation and lifting of broken bridge at Omo river in Ethiopia. (In Progress)