Offshore Diving

N.D.T. inspection including MPI, CP, UT & CCTV survey.
➢ SPM installation, maintenance and operation services.
➢ Pipeline laying, Survey & inspection.
➢ Installation of Jackets, Platforms, Riser Clamps, Risers, Anodes, Barge Bumpers,
Riser Protectors.
➢ Pre Engineering Survey, Pre Construction Survey and Post Construction Survey of
Risers, Offshore Platforms & Jackets.
➢ Base line inspection of Platforms & JacketInstallation of PLEM structures and changing of Ball valves and Anodes on it.
➢ Lying of pipeline and repair works.
➢ Underwater cutting and relocation of Anodes, cutting of Grout Lines and Guide
➢ Supply of HSE approved Diving Personnel and Marine personnel for MSV & DSV.
➢ Underwater cutting.
➢ Underwater Weld survey for Rigs.
➢ Pipeline Scour correction.
➢ Underwater Welding.